Monday, 7 September 2015

Perfect Match

I found my perfect match in the name of doodling. I found this workbook where you can doodle everything. I really love it cause it has lots of activities. All the activities were to good not to do. I love every pages of it. Here are the sneak peek of some of the pages that I already filled up.

Hand Lettering

I know these are too few. I still don't have enough materials to do the other pages. As soon as I have time, I will go on an art shopping and I just can't wait. I'll post the other pages as soon as I complete them all.

My hand lettering inspired by Ms. Abbey Sy's book, The ABC's of Hand Lettering.


I'm not really a huge fan of planners before. I don't want to plan anything because I don't want to be disappointed when something don't happen the way I planned it. And it's not my thing for an everyday update. But that was before. After I graduated from college I started using planner. Since the 2014 I started doing my own personalized planner, because some of the planners really costs high and the designs were too simple and plain. So I thought of doing my own where I can have my desired design. But it's not totally a planner, it's more of an everyday journal.

Here's a peek on my 2015 planner featuring the iconic, Audrey Hepburn. Background images were from Pinterest. There are really lots of beautiful designs to choose.

The layout.

I Don't Care, I Love It

My Scrapbooks

I am really a huge fan of arts and crafts. It will always be the thing that I would do freely. If other girls spend their money on beauty products, well me if you give me money I will surely spend it on scrapbooking materials. Scrapbook is one of the things that I would never outgrow. I can imagine my life still doing scrapbooks while I am sitting on my pink rocking chair. When I was a child, when I saw I gift wrapper that was used already, I would recycle it and turned it into a mini album. I would put there some of my photos or even the photos of my favorite celebrities. Sometimes when the school year was already over, I would pile up my unused notebook pages and turned it into a photobook, I would cover it new with colored papers. I had no idea before of what it is called with that recycling and designing and pasting. Eventually, I learned that it is what they call scrapbooking. All of my scrapbooks has its own unique stories to tell. I love all of them. From big to small scrapbooks, simple to elegant, name it, surely I have it.

This is the very first major scrapobook that I did when I was in high school.
This is one of our projects in home economics. This is not the original design. I just altered it as soon as our teacher returned to us. The cover was made of pink abaca fiber with pink colored wrapper. I used styrofoam underneath each letter for an embossed effect. This is all about my elementary and high school life. Inside this were some letters from my friends in high school, photos from our field trips and some of photos that I transferred from my photo album.

I did this scrapbook when I was still in college. The other half pages of this scrapbooks was a gift from my friend during our Kris Kringle. Inside here were photos from college, tickets from the concerts that we watched, gift tags, price tags and my class cards. The cover image collage were gift from my friends during my 18th birthday. You can flip it and there's another cover, my photos and my name on it, the photo collage was also included in the gift.

This scrapbook was created after I graduated from college. This is all about me. See the front page? With bold letters "SELF CENTERED." This is where I put the photos of my favorite foods, wrote the lyrics of my top 10 favorite songs, photos of my college best friends, my bucket lists, and of course, my selfies.

This is for my 18th birthday photos. You can already conclude what the theme was. I used some postage stamps for the cover design and paper that I soaked in tea for a vintage effect. I also put there the flag of France. I put the Eiffel Tower 'cause it's one of my bucket list. But on the back cover the flag was of United Kingdom. I just really love the combination of blue and red. About the photos, I used photo collage with layout just like of a mail with postage stamps. And I used washi tape as an additional design. I burned the edges of the pages to stick with the vintage theme.

This is the simplest of all my scrapbooks. This is all about my "gala" days in Manila after we had our internship. This is so simple that I didn't put any designs. It's just all about the captions.

Pile of my scrapbooks.

It's really my thing to collect some souvenirs, even if it's just a tissue paper. I don't care if they think I'm to old old for stuffs like this, I love doing it.

These are some of the pages of my journal.