Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Monkey, Monkey

Confession 101: di naman talaga ako maka-planner. Nag college nga ako, di ako naka bili kahit Isa. Pero, during our internship (during our last term in college), together with my friend napadpad kami sa bookstore. Bibili sya ng planner kasi nga ga-graduate na kami and it's time to plan and take things more seriously. Ako naman si gaya-gaya, kaya bumili na din ako. Pero di ko naman talaga hilig ang planner before, kasi tamad ako. Isipin ko pa lang na mag-update araw-araw sa planner parang di ko naman kaya. Update pa sa Twitter or Facebook kayang-kaya ko, pero pag usaping planner na... Never nga ako nagkaroon ng diary, kasi tamad talaga ako mag-update, sa simula lang ako magaling. 

Pero nitong nakaraang apat na taon, naging parte na sya ng everyday life ko. For the past two years, yong planner ko or I prefer to call it journal kasi more on kwento naman ang mga sinusulat ko at bihira ang plano, eh ginagawa ko na lang. Ang mahal naman kasi talaga ng planner. Lalo na yong magagandang designs. Kaya nag-decide na lang ako na gumawa na lang. Para less gastos at masusunod ko pa yong layout na gusto ko. 

I just want to share a peek of my 2016 journal.......

The empty spaces here are the spots where will I note my everyday happenings. Like when I went out, I will just put here "day-out" or the place I visit, or the title of a movie I watch during that day or episodes of a TV show. Or something special that happened that day. Just for short notes.

This is where I will scribble my everyday thoughts. When I'm happy, sad or in pain *chos*. 

These are some of my monthly activities to do. Something to do during the day, to kill the boredom.

And here are some of the extra pages. The two pages with blank spaces are for my expenses, the other two with a quotation and "2016" are for the first and second page. 

And there goes the sneak peek. Pinterest was really a great help. I got there all the backgrounds and the idea about the monthly prompts. Also the extra pages, I just added the backgrounds and add some texts.


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